Planned Future Capabilities


This is a high-priority feature; we need to be able to version xCss files much like a DOCTYPE line, so that future changes to not break the processing of older xCss files

User-Agent-specific blocks
Browser support for CSS, and the consistency of handling CSS markup, is still highly inconsistent. There are many CSS techniques to remedy this, however they are kludgy and ugly and require special notations within the CSS. One of our future goals is to provide User-Agent-specific CSS support.
Expressions support
$eval (1 + 1)
$eval ($menuWidth + 10)
Font manipulation support

Ability to increase or decrease a font size relative to another font size.

Image support

Ability to dynamically generate, e.g. a patterned background, so that it changes automatically and regularly on each reload.

Ability to embed small image references, such as icons, directly in the CSS file content, to avoid the need for lots of extra server hits to retrieve those images.

Caching support

Intelligent, based on caching rules that account for logic differences.

This would need to cache different versions for (e.g.);

  • Browsers supporting different CSS versions & capabilities
    • Such as image embedding
  • Different browser (user agent) types
  • Different output requirements
    • Printing, screen, etc.

Features Under Consideration

Auto-formatting options
Hierarchical grouping options


#foo {

	ul {
		color: red;

	div {
		color: blue;